Friday, January 22, 2010

Of Hearts..

Last Tuesday's afternoon, 19th January, mom received a phone call from hospital. Abah has been admitted due to unstable heart rate. We both rushed to the hospital and fear for the worst. Abah was warded into CRW, a ward for patients with heart problems. This ward is complete with maximum security (mcm prison break la pulok =p) - only two visitors are allow at one time for each patient (during visiting period only), no family members are allow to take care of patient and with two security guards will take care the visiting flow. scaryyy ok!

Ok back to my story. Wires from machines were all over his body but he seems not sick. He claimed that he felt no chest pain at all and the only reason he went to the hospital was because he felt his heart was 'racing' or faster that usual. His bpm was 161 which is very abnormal and fyi those whose heart rate was above 70 beats per minute had significantly higher incidence of heart attacks. Patients in CRW have to stay in bed all the time and are not allow to go to toilet for 'nature's call', all the 'businesses' need to be done on bed with nurse's help. Imagine that! T___T

Fortunately, after taking few medications and under 24 hours supervision, he can be transfer into normal ward and discharged from hospital after 3 days. He still needs to undergo a stress test next month for confirmation whether he has heart problem or not. Hopefully the results come out negative. *pray hard*

So people,take care of your heart and make sure you don't smoke, sleep well, take only healthy diets and exercise regularly!. 

pesanan penaja - Love your heart! 
pic source - google