Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Oh my.

I can log in to this blog on first try. Wow.

After 3 years. O.O
I love to jot down all the thoughts and memories here but it so time consuming.

Insyaallah. Soon. No promise. :P

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adore #1

Adore it's simplicity :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Bi Bim Bap Experience

This is better than nothing ain't? :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Petals In The Grass

Floria 2012

After experiencing few events in Putrajaya, I went there quite early to avoid massive crowd. Parking quite a breeze though not many spots left. This year's theme is ' Bougainvillea ' or bunga kertas. I'm not a fan though but orchids always caught my eyes. So pretty and exotic and simple !!.

The only thing I hate whenever I go to the events like this, I always feel very intimidated with people around me using big big super cool cameras with tripod etc and I only using camera phone. Yeah, you read it right darlings. . T_T

I'm planning to do a second trip to see the ' magical night '. In fact, there is a fire work going on right now from the Floria. I've been fiesting my eyes from my own window almost every night. Such a pretty sight.

Hopefully all goes well as per planned.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hari Belia


1. Parking was a pain.
2. Crowd was insane. Where are these people come from?
3. Tents / booths are stretching from p2 to p4. ( If I'm not mistaken )
4. I walked from p2 - p4 - p2 in almost 4 hours and only made a few short pit stop. *crazy*.

                pit stop 1: Taking above pictures
                pit stop 2: Booths selling cute stuff / shirts / blouses
                pit stop 3: Cat show organized by Iam.
                pit stop 4: Live bands by a group of cool young boys.
                pit stop 5: Coconut shake stall.  

5. Went there alone, wearing cardigan *slap me, please!*, bought 3kg cat foods. ( yes, I walked kilometers with that. Gigih ok ! )
6. By noon, it was scorching hot and humid. I was already drenched in my own sweat. T_T
7. Free tram / shuttles always full of people hence the crazy decision of your truly to walked.
8. Both my feet end up having blisters.

 Next event please!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Ya Allah,
sekiranya rezeki kami berada di langit,
maka turunkanlah ia;
jika ia ada di bumi, keluarkanlah ia,
dan jika ia ada di dalam lautan, munculkanlah.
Sekiranya rezeki kami ada di tempat yang jauh,
dekatkanlah ia;
jika ia sedikit, banyakkanlah ia;
dan jika caranya sukar untuk sampai kepada kami,
mudahkanlah ia,
serta pindahkanlah rezeki tersebut kepada kami
dengan kemuliaan, kepemurahan dan kebaikanMu,
dengan rahmatMu,
wahai Yang Maha Pengasihi
diantara yang pengasih.

Read the du'a somewhere (forgot the link).

Managed to join the hype in Bukit Jalil yesterday without lost *give myself a pat on the back* hehe. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Giant Yang Muram

 ** sweeping dust..fuhhh**

Tittle is from Doraemon that I watched just now.  Giant muram sebab tak tahu macam mana nak tekel sorang gegirl ni. hi hi hi. so sweet.

Been a while. I need to jot down something before my blog screams "Please close me down if you are going constantly ignoring me ! " but I wont go to the extent. Blog, I still love you. Here are pieces of my life in random order. See, I'm still lazy. 

  • Work has been extremely full of stress. I wonder how can people live that way everyday.
  • Friends keep asking me when is my " turn " . I just said I don't know and I might not have one. Only The Great one knows. InsyaAllah but I'm not yet ready. Thinking with huge amount of money that you need to fork out for wedding, I don't think I'll ever be ready.     -_-"
  • Have I ever mentioned, my colleagues planned a small surprise birthday party for me? Yes, they did. I was surprised to the max, never saw that one coming!. ^_^
  • My colleagues called me with a different name. A very diva one.
  • I need a pair of new shoes or maybe more to keep me sane about work.
  • I lost almost 3 kg after I was down with fever. I'm now underweight.  *surprise surprise*
  • Back pain come back after gone for a while.
  • Most of my colleagues are non-malay, so most of the time I need to be an open minded person. We talked about everything. Trust me everything. 
  • I hate office's food, I rather starving than paid ridiculous price for such crap food.  
  • I miss all my uni friends. My roomates, my bestfriends. 
  • I miss home. 2 more weeks.
Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya, 2012