Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My First 'How - To ' ..*hins*hins*

Ada blogger tanya macamana saya download movies and tv-series. 
Hai Kak Liza * sambil lambai-lambai *. Actually saya pun tak expert sangat in IT stuff tapi saya boleh la share anything that I know. If anyone nak share or nak tambah ape-ape, you are very welcome to drop one or two comments !.  =)

  • To make your life easier, download an accelerator like Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) and Download Accelerator Plus (DAP). Personally, I prefer to use IDM. You can download it HERE. ( IDM lagi senang sebab support mozilla, youtube dan IE7 )
  • Then, find  a website that offers a free access or free download. These are my favorite websites.
      1. Heaven Of Desires 
      2. Gblog                               
      3.      ( need to register )                    

          All you have to do is to choose your desirable movies , dramas or tv-series. 

That's all peeps!!. Now you're ready to download - non stop. =p

p/s: I wish that I can explain more but it's quite hard since I'm using my mom's laptop.


yatie chomeyl said...

thanks 4 sharing the link, nti nk dlod gak lah

Liza said...

thanks dear...nak try stat lagi

~husna~ said...

tiba2..aku pun cam berminat.huhuh

tiey said...

ehehe..sila2...jangan segan2

tiey said...

na..apesal xleh drop comment kat blog ko?...

~husna~ said...

hah..ko org kedua yg ckp cmtu.aku nk drop komen kt blog lain pun kdg2xleh.kt blog ko bleh plak.huhuh..
aku pun xtau nape jd cmtu.nnt aku nk try tukar template len la plak.