Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shhhh..Don't Say It Out Lout, People!

Hi guys, long time no see write, no? Today, it's me yayau writing an entry for you folks!. First time here so I'm pretty excited. Since it's raining cats and dogs outside so I want to show you something that I did just now. Scroll down ya!

Hey! What is this?? some red, yellow and green lights coming out of it. Cool stuff!
Oh it's a mouse!. I love 'mouse'. Meowww!!

I'm bored already. Some scratching here and there might be fun.

OoOoOpppsss-yyyy!! Gotta go before she finds out and smack me right on my head!

Toodles!! *wink*wink*

P/s: Damn you yayau! T___T


Liza said...

such a cute entry, made me laugh!

tiey said...

sis liza: kuceng ni mmg tau..lepas die tanggalkan huruf B pastu die dok buat muka cute..haih

nAdiEy said...

gilo nyanyau!!