Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cooking vs Baking

This entry has been in my draft for almost 3 days. Why I took awfully long time to publish? I'm simply lazy to continue to write. :p

This is mom's cook book. She took it out while we were busy preparing for break fast yesterday.You can find lots of recipes from basic to complicated malay dishes in the book. Even today, we cooked steam siakap using a recipe from a 1997 newspaper cutting that she kept inside.

I'm still amaze how she manage to take care this little book for 20 years or maybe more, err..just because she's not really good at keeping things. Usually they will not in pristine condition like they were used to or maybe end up nowhere to be seen ( ampun ma! :p )

Too old till the cover already split from the rest of the book

Hahaha...another ' a-cook-book-for-dummies!'. 

Notice the yellow-ish paper? and it's smells 'old' too! cool !!

And this is my very own cook book..( nak jugak ! :p )

An address book that eventually turn into a cook book

Mostly baking recipes

I really want my own proper cook book. A colorful book that complete with food images, tips and personal notes just like Kim Sam Soon's book in My Name is Kim-Sam-Soon any other cute cook book( too much drama here. heh!). 

Do you have any personal cook book?


Wanie Nasir said...

tie,arwah mak aku pn ada buku resipi lama cam gitu.mmg siap tertanggal kulit.hehe...
uit,aku tatau pulak ko minat masak :p

tiey said...

wanie..aku xberapa suka masak lauk pauk..aku suka baking cake ngn xde la pandai pon..kena blaja lg hehe...

aku teringin la pecal yg ko bawak dr rumah time kte 2nd yr dulu..smpai skrg dok ingt2 lg hahaha

safura said...

wahhh... betulkah ini fathiah yg aku kenal?? kagum weii... ehehe... aku nyer resepi atas kertas je wei.. skali buat jek, pastu hilang trs.. ahahahaha

tiey said...

safura...aku tgh pactice nk jd isteri blog baru ke??

safura said...

pergh... untung la byk masa nk siapkan diri untuk jd ISTERI.. ehehehe.. dah bila nya nk jd ISTERI tu??? =D