Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh my...
How I miss these people. The most fun people I've ever be with. No words can describe how lucky I am to be friend with all of them. I treasure every moment I had and I still am. 

I am a person who quite hard to be closer with. I made friend, lots of them but only a few of them are my best friend. My best friend forever.  Why? . I can be myself when I around them. We had been through good and bad days together.  :)

But you see, friendship doesn't work that way. Sometimes they do not last forever. That is why friends come and go. I had a friend ( or best friend ) when I was in secondary school. We were so close back then, so close even she moved to boarding school after PMR, we still wrote to each other once in a while. I still keep the letters she send to me till today. We wished each others birthday till she stopped wishing mine. She used to come by during my undergrad and had pillow talk, gossiping, talking about boys and etc. And we just stop doing that. The last time I've heard anything from her maybe 2 years ago ( or 3 ). 
Does she remember me? 

It's ok. I'm not bitter. Not anymore.   :)


~husna~ said...

owh,macam kukenal org2 itu..ngeee