Friday, June 3, 2011

A recent picture of ME and 15 interesting facts about myself

15 random facts of me :
  1. I can do a whole day cleaning around the house rather than an hour spending on cooking. Oh yes, I do not heart cooking that much. Hail to the clean freaks! :p
  2. I think I am terrified of swimming pool. I always nearly drown whenever I get into them. Even in kids pool. Yes, I'm not kidding. *omaigod, loser giler haku*
  3. I love baking but hate the cleaning part afterward.
  4. I'm not really a fan of pink , until I realize that almost 60% of my clothes have shades of pink.I wonder where did they came from.
  5. I love flats. I can wear them all day long.
  6. I can't wear high heels...always end up hurting my back and feet. Too bad because I think women who wear them are sexy and tall. 
  7. I hate to admit but I love horror movies. The adrenaline....Usually I'll drag my sisters along and if I watching alone ( trust me, it rarely happened), I'll watch it without sound. *haha..penakut!*. One of the best horror movies I've seen is Drag Me to Hell.
  8. I love babies ( not toddlers, err..sometimes they are out of control :p ). I know,cliche. Well, who doesn't?.
  9. I want to wear shawls but my face is square shape (My brain says I look weird T_T ).
  10. The longest I went without showering was a 3 days camping trip in secondary school. Imagine the smell. *shudder* 
  11. I can leave the house without makeup on my face but not without lip balm. My favorite is The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Stick SPF 15.
  12. I think men with dye hair are weird ( perasan maybe?..err, no offense guys :p ). Not that I'm against it though.
  13. I think Dr.House is annoyingly - sexy. Don't you think so?
  14. I am 21 at heart. *ok, you can vomit right now*
  15. *blank* My brain is not working anymore..........I run out of list unfortunately!