Saturday, April 7, 2012

Giant Yang Muram

 ** sweeping dust..fuhhh**

Tittle is from Doraemon that I watched just now.  Giant muram sebab tak tahu macam mana nak tekel sorang gegirl ni. hi hi hi. so sweet.

Been a while. I need to jot down something before my blog screams "Please close me down if you are going constantly ignoring me ! " but I wont go to the extent. Blog, I still love you. Here are pieces of my life in random order. See, I'm still lazy. 

  • Work has been extremely full of stress. I wonder how can people live that way everyday.
  • Friends keep asking me when is my " turn " . I just said I don't know and I might not have one. Only The Great one knows. InsyaAllah but I'm not yet ready. Thinking with huge amount of money that you need to fork out for wedding, I don't think I'll ever be ready.     -_-"
  • Have I ever mentioned, my colleagues planned a small surprise birthday party for me? Yes, they did. I was surprised to the max, never saw that one coming!. ^_^
  • My colleagues called me with a different name. A very diva one.
  • I need a pair of new shoes or maybe more to keep me sane about work.
  • I lost almost 3 kg after I was down with fever. I'm now underweight.  *surprise surprise*
  • Back pain come back after gone for a while.
  • Most of my colleagues are non-malay, so most of the time I need to be an open minded person. We talked about everything. Trust me everything. 
  • I hate office's food, I rather starving than paid ridiculous price for such crap food.  
  • I miss all my uni friends. My roomates, my bestfriends. 
  • I miss home. 2 more weeks.
Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya, 2012



~husna~ said...

tieyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....lama xjerit kt blog ko...ngeh2...

p/s : colleagues ko pggil ko apa? (menyibuk mode)

safura yusri said...

rindu kt aku x? hahahaha... ~~~~

tiey said...

na : ko keje kat mana skang ni???

safura : Rinduuuuuuu

~husna~ said...

aku keja kt ampang...