Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Happy When You Are Happy

Being a full-time-stay-at-home-daughter ( not SAHM eh =p ) turn me into a total ignorance. I miss calculated date, I thought yesterday was 28th and luckily I checked it. It was 30th and my mum's birthday and I haven't decide and buy the birthday present. -_-"

I went to shopping mall yesterday morning and got her a present. Nothing fancy and expensive thou. I just bought her something that she can use everyday. Something that can reminds of her daughters whenever she use it

To one who bares
the sweetest name

and adds the pleasure

not the gain

who shares my joy

and cheers when sad

the greatest friend
I've ever had
long life to her

there's no other
can take the place
of my dear mother

Happy Birthday Ma!

I forgot to buy a card hence post-it papers pon jadi la..Asal mesej sampai. =p

My mom was so happy with the present. She keep touching it and pose it in front of mirror..hahaha
To my mom..I'm so happy when you are happy! =)