Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year and New Look

Notice the new header? That will explain why I have been privatized my blog for few days. This blog seriously needs a new look so I downloaded a few templates and sadly most of them are not 'me'. I love fresh, clean, neat and minimalist looks. After two days of hard work, changing one template to another then I decided not to use template.

I just settled with white background and my very own header. Yes I did it myself and this is the 4th header that I made to make sure it really suitable. I also changed my blogs' name for few time and this time it is BITTERSWEET (I don't know why I chose this name! lol). I can't believe I can be this fussy and complicated :-p .

After more than a year blogging, I decided to move my older ( 2008 and 2009 ) posts / entries to back-up blogs ( wordpress and blogger ) and deleted them in this blog. So basically this blog will start fresh and new!!! weee...

I hope that I will continuously blogging and improve my writing. :-)
Till then..Toodles