Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Was A Mom With 3 Kids And I Decided To Retire Early

Went to a family day at Perdana Resort, as a babysitter to 3 spoil brats as always. Holiday with this three kids is never been a perfect holiday in fact a very tiring as I'm the only one who take care of them for two days. Their mom were available during the day only because of a certain reason. FYI, I slept in the resort with the kids and accompanied by my brother. Jadi instant mom, kena buat susu before sleep, kena pujuk-pujuk anyone yang merajuk, argued pasal lampu, pasal tv, pasal aircond, nak makan lagi even baru je lepas makan, and so on

Nonetheless it's good to be away from home once in a while. The family day should be packed with fun activities especially for kids but these three kids refused to go anywhere except the pool. So the pool it is.

Along, the diver, loves to swim and dive into water. Sometime scares the hell out of me and amaze me at the same time. I wish I have the same chemistry the she has with water. Oh, I almost drown in the pool. See, water hates me!, even the water level in the pool is only just below my chest. Angah, the least that worried me. She always wanted to wear her float jacket and not so brave (which is good) but very sensitive. She was sulking with me for few times. Tensen makkkk. T___T

The family's daredevil, Adik. Need to be write in different paragraph to show how special she is. Oh my oh my, this little fella, worried and horrified me the most!. I need painkillers to ease headache whenever she is around me. She refused to wear her float jacket and imagine, the water is just below her chin. I bet she's been tiptoed all the time. She kept swallowed water and her eyes were already red. If you think that will stop her - NO!! She's even tried a few free falls into the pool as you can see in 2nd pic. Stress ok! I had to guard her all the time even it was scorching hot noon. If I stop her, she will show her tantrums and her true colours which is I want to avoid since I was alone. She has an ability to melt anyone's heart and also to turn your world upside down! (seriously). I was about to lose my voice because of I can't stop shouting at the girls. Btw, the pool is purposely for teenagers and taller kids, not for a toddler like her. 

I went home with aching body, sunburns, lack of sleep and worn out of energy.Haih!

Since she was good for these two days. I present to you, my new sweetheart. HAHA.  Nad, this pic is for you, she insisted that eveytime I snapped her pic, I need to MMS to you. Habis kredit aku. T___T

p/s: Wondering how my mom did it, having 5 kids, doing never ending chores, work wise - workload and bla bla. She is a superwoman. In fact, MOMS ARE SUPERWOMEN!


nAdiEy said...

haha, gilo title....mace sedak jah g....angoh tepon aku ari 2, oyak nk g mandi kolam....dio rindu ko aku la 2.....hahaha

tiey said...

best balik ni blh la gi..

nAdiEy said...

xg siap! hahaha

tiey said...

ho la..pahtu bilonyo mg nk blk???