Saturday, March 27, 2010

Of Some Serious Matters

It's been quite a while since my last post. My brain seems to be stuck and I rather read someone else blogs instead updating mine. I know, same lame excuses Haha.

Ok peeps, back to serious matters. Lately, I've been 'bombarded' with 'cepu mas' questions by my uncles, aunties and some friends. " bila nak tunang?" , " dah start keje nanti, boleh la bertunang " , " bila nak kawen? ", " dah ade pakwe? " bla bla. I know they means well but sometimes it broke my heart since I'm beyond standard age of getting married set up by my family which is 24 years old.  And I, a year older.

Most of my extended family member ( mum's side ) married at the age 23 or 24 years old, in other word married in early 20's. Some of them had their first kid at the age of 24 and I even have a cousin that married during undergrad study. And I seems nowhere near it, not even close to it. I wish that I can explain to them that it's all comes down to 'JODOH'.  

Meanwhile from my dad's side, most of them got married in late 20's or early 30's or not marry at all. Yes, I have an uncle and an auntie that still single and they are reaching mid 40's ( I think ). They never ask this head throbbing question to me (yet), maybe they kinda understood how it feels. 

My best friend just ended her 5 or 6 years relationship with her ex-bf  ( duh!..obviously ) due to her ex-bf suddenly got engage with another woman. My sister ( not blood related ) ended her engagement with her ex-fiance after discovered that the-stupid-fiance cheating on her and choose another woman over her. They had been in relationship for 6 or 7 years ( if I'm not mistaken ) and being fiance-fiancee more than a year, planned to tie the knot around May or June. 

Due to what had happened around me, I am getting more self cautious and extra aware that anything can happen no matter how good you plan it to be. How long you are in relationship with someone is also not a guarantee that he/she is the one. Again, It's all comes down to " JODOH " thingy.

For this time being, I'm seriously not ready to take another step forward. Not now. I don't know how to explain to others. I think I need to take things slowly, let it go with flow and it's very important that I'm not forcing myself over this so that I'll not stress myself out. Maybe my family thinks that I'm too old to take my own sweet time. Haha. I'm just sweet 25 years old for god sake. 

Btw peeps, how do you know that your other half is meant for you? Any signs? or you just know it..( ade ke orang nak jawab? =p )

Toodles everyone..

p/s: oh english getting worse..camne nak amik exam ni tsskkkk..btw, just ignore any grammy grammar mistakes ya uolls


~husna~ said...

soklan standard tu tiey.nak2 org sebaya kita dh ramai yg kawin..tiba2 rasa diri dh tua..urgh..TIDAK!!

tiey said...

tp aku xmo kawen lagi na....
dorang ni ingt kawen2 ni macam main2 kot... T__T

yatie chomeyl said...

xpo..nanti bilo mr right tu muncul, jodoh tu mari sendiri. lo ni, enjoy ur life to the fullest ;)

youngthomsen said...

Problem never do know if you're other half is meant for you. It's always a 50/50 percent risk...

Some, just know, but those are extremely rare.


~husna~ said...

tu la psl.padahal nk jmpa true love bknnya sng.byk halangannya..

tiey said...

kak yatie: tu la...masih dlm proses menunggu..wakaka

thomsen : hi..thank you for dropping by..and yup totally agree with you ! and that is why I'm very reluctant to expose my other half..

husna: aah..kalau senang je, xpayah la dok pening2 pikir sampai kena buat entry hahaha