Thursday, October 14, 2010

My SweetHeart :)




* Just wondering, If I no longer stay at home, who is gonna take care of these little fellas? :( *


Brought yoyot to vet at local jabatan haiwan due to some white stained coming from her bum bum. I thought it was normal till a week came by and it getting worse. She got 2 jab ( the needle was sooo big! ) and some  medicines. Unfortunately I find out there was a lot of white stained today after gave her the med this morning and it was a bit runny too. Poor her :(  . She keep meowing (?) and just want to sit and sleep on my lap.

Maybe I should bring her private vet for second opinion since the local vet didn't explain to me what cause it though I asked a few times.


bubbles182 said...

how cuteeee XD

kalau stay tempat lain, bring them along laaa... nnt bley jaga sendri. hehe

tiey said...

mmg blh julia kl rmah sdiri..kl dok rmh sewa, takut yg lain xsuka ke ape kan..susah jgk

nAdiEy said...

bakpo pulok nga nyonyot tuh....teruk ko? aku balik pon lambat lagi...aihh

tiey said...

xtau la bakpo tp aku saspek dio keno infection kot

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...


Remember Ming Ming?

She's a three legged kitten but she runs like thunder!! :D

tiey said...

ming ming dah sihat yer? :) alhamdulillah

i guess most animals recover from illness faster than us human.