Saturday, June 11, 2011


I suppose to write an entry for yesterday and today but unfortunately my laptop has been infected by a stupid so call security software. Well, obviously a fake one. It started when the window security pop-up a warning said that my computer has been infected by spyware. Time ni dah cuak dah, hari tu pernah kena but that one was the worseeeeee one!. I can't accessed into anything in my lappie. The stupid malicious software disabled everything but glad that I decided to google about it first. Sebab dah ada pengalaman so buat je la macam I buat dulu, reboot computer in safe mode with networking and scan with malwarebytes. Dapat scan banyak virus, mana datang pon tak tahu. Bila remove and restart, TAK JADI! benda tu still ada. OK, buat lagi sekali but this time buat detail scan, pun TAK JADI!   T__T. 

Pastu buat la lagi sekali tapi download scanner lain, pun TAK JADI. Tengah dok buat tu, sekali screen jadi biru, desktop icons sume hilang macam nak crash. Time ni cuak giler dowh!. Sikit je lagi nak call member, suruh die check. Ntah macamana terbaca satu comment, die buat system restore. It works!. Nasib baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkk jadi.  I don't know how much the ms removal thing affect my computer but right now everything work just fine.  :) Fuhhh, penat dok fight dengan benda ni berjam-jam.

If anyone of you pernah kena or has strange application tiba-tiba muncul on screen claim that your computer is infected and charge certain amount of money to purchase the full version of the application, please search/google about the application or software first before decide to do anything. There are several ways to get rid of stupid sofware, no need to be an IT savvy (because I'm not :p).

p/s: orang yang buat scam gini memang menyusahkan hidup tau. Please get a life!