Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hari Belia


1. Parking was a pain.
2. Crowd was insane. Where are these people come from?
3. Tents / booths are stretching from p2 to p4. ( If I'm not mistaken )
4. I walked from p2 - p4 - p2 in almost 4 hours and only made a few short pit stop. *crazy*.

                pit stop 1: Taking above pictures
                pit stop 2: Booths selling cute stuff / shirts / blouses
                pit stop 3: Cat show organized by Iam.
                pit stop 4: Live bands by a group of cool young boys.
                pit stop 5: Coconut shake stall.  

5. Went there alone, wearing cardigan *slap me, please!*, bought 3kg cat foods. ( yes, I walked kilometers with that. Gigih ok ! )
6. By noon, it was scorching hot and humid. I was already drenched in my own sweat. T_T
7. Free tram / shuttles always full of people hence the crazy decision of your truly to walked.
8. Both my feet end up having blisters.

 Next event please!