Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Petals In The Grass

Floria 2012

After experiencing few events in Putrajaya, I went there quite early to avoid massive crowd. Parking quite a breeze though not many spots left. This year's theme is ' Bougainvillea ' or bunga kertas. I'm not a fan though but orchids always caught my eyes. So pretty and exotic and simple !!.

The only thing I hate whenever I go to the events like this, I always feel very intimidated with people around me using big big super cool cameras with tripod etc and I only using camera phone. Yeah, you read it right darlings. . T_T

I'm planning to do a second trip to see the ' magical night '. In fact, there is a fire work going on right now from the Floria. I've been fiesting my eyes from my own window almost every night. Such a pretty sight.

Hopefully all goes well as per planned.